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Access to 3 private Pro Tips instructional videos

Access to 3 private Pro Tips instructional videos

  • $ 5.00

I have over 30 free youtube troubleshooting and repair videos you can access on my web site, but I also have 8 other private short youtube  Pro Tips repair videos. These exclusive videos are free to customers buying the related product from me. But for those who bought a part elsewhere, you can pay to view these videos. $3 for one title, $5 for 3, $8 for all 8 titles. I will email you the youtube link to them. Be sure to specify which title or titles you need and put your email address in the notes for your order. I will email you the appropriate video links the next day.

Videos available:

Replacing the Shopsmith Mark V drive belt

Installing a new Poly V or Gilmer belt

Replacing the On/Off switch on pre-1992 Shopsmiths

Replacing the red rectangular safety on/off switch on post 1992 Shopsmith Mark V's

Drive sleeve bearing replacement

Quill (single) bearing replacement

Control sheave inspection and repair

Replacing bearings on a double bearing quill