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Beefy drive belt

  • $ 25.00

This replaces the lower belt (drive belt) on any Mark V headstock. This is my new favorite belt with exciting features:

  • Raw edge for best power transmission and longer life
  • Wide and thick for long life and less likely to get bound in the sheaves 
  • Cogged inner edge for less memory in case the machine sits idle for long periods, and better curvature movement at Slow speed or higher speeds

Easily installed in 5 minutes or so. Buyer will receive a link to my YouTube pro tips video on how to change this belt.

Because of the width of this belt, you will also need to adjust your speed control dial setting. I have a YouTube video for this on my web site. You will have speeds available from Slow to S or T. No need to operate your machine at speeds above this anyways. See my warning about the higher speeds on my Warnings page on my website for discussion of this.